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1. Application Guide 1.Night vision is a prcising optical electronic device using for night target observation. For working under the extremely twilight, the Night Vision is fitted with laser illumination. 2.Night vision is suit for dark en...
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1. Application Guide
1.Night vision is a précising optical electronic device using for night target observation. For working under the extremely twilight, the Night Vision is fitted with laser illumination.
2.Night vision is suit for dark environment.
3.When the environment is pitch-dark please switch on the laser, and the brightness of laser is adjustable according to the observing distance of the objects. The night vision uses high quick CCD, when using environment has some light source( such as streetlight, moonlight), there is no need to switch on laser, just need to properly adjust the objective lens focus distance to get a clear view of object.
4.Night vision work time: 1.5 h under the laser on; 2 h under the laser off.
2. Products
1.Name: Laser Night Vision   Item No. JGYSY-6×32
2.Products  Feature:
●JGYSY-6×32 is a night vision for objects observation under twilight and pitch-dark, with laser illumination, twilight observing distance is infinity, it could reach 200 m under pitch-dark.
   ●JGYSY-6×32 supports USB battery charger and video external output.
4. Operation Manual
1.On/off: Long press “switch on button”, view through eyepiece, clockwise or anticlockwise turn the eyepiece to find the reticle clearly on the LCD. Aim the device to the observing target then clockwise or anticlockwise adjust the objective lens and view clearly through the eyepiece. Long press “switch on button “ for 3 seconds to turn off. The night vision will be off after 6 min later without any operation.
2.Laser illumination: When the night vision is using under a twilight or pitch-dark environment, shortly press L to turn on the laser illumination, there are flashlight mark and check laser power mark on the up-left of the screen, one more shortly press to turn off the laser illumination, bright mark and check mark will disappear.
3.Laser power adjustment: After turn on the laser illumination, C button and B button could be used for adding or reducing the laser force, the adjusting range is (1-5).
4.Screen brightness set: shortly press A to enter the setting, adding /reducing the screen brightness through C button and B button.
5.Diopter adjustment: When the square of LCD getting dim, turn the eyepiece to get a clear square of LCD.
6.Focus adjustment: When the target is not clear, turn objective lens until the image getting clear.
7.Video output: When the video pictures needed to be output, connect the AV cable to the output interface of the device, the other end of AV cable connect on an external screen.
8.Battery charge: When the device is charging, the indicating light changes from red to green means the battery is full.
5.Basic spec

Category Items Spec Data
Optical Feature
Magnification 6
Objective lens φ32mm
View of field
Eyepiece Adjusting Range ±4Diopter
Twilight Observation Distance 2m~∞
Pitch-dark Observation Distance ~200m

    Power Working Voltage 3.7V DC
Built-in Power Lithium battery is available
Charging power supply 5.0V/500mAD adapter
Continuing working time of battery 1.5/2h(IR on/off)
Others Weight 300g
Size(LxWxD) 150ⅹ 88ⅹ 50 mm
6. Configuration Standard

Name Qty Name Qty
AV Video cable 1 Soft Case 1
USB Charge 1 Manual 1
7. Using Environment and Attention
1.The night vision should be bag in the soft case, the environment temperature request from 5℃ to 40℃, relevant humidity should be no more than 80%;
2.The night vision should be kept in a dry clean place, to avoid the lens become damp and mildewed, no heavy pressure, mechanical damage, moist and solar radiation;  
3.Avoid raindrops or fog, prevent fall, bump and crash;
4.When the image of LCD started jumping or not clear it means the battery is low, need to charging battery.
5.If the surface of objective lens, eyepiece and laser illumination need to be clean, first to blow off the grits and dust, then use a gentle soft cloth to wipe.
6.If the night vision is not in use for a long time, please keep charging the battery often to prevent the charge battery failed.
   7.Strictly forbidding to use eyes to look into the laser, directly points people’s face within 5 m is also strictly forbidden.